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Why You Should Try Aerial Yoga

Whether you’ve been a yoga babe for years, or only recently discovered the bliss of a 40-minute Yoga with Adriene workout, welcome! At Lazuli Label, we love rolling out the mat and stretching with a little cat-cow. All our leggings, tops and yoga workout clothes are designed to move and flex with your body, flattering your curves and providing the perfect support.

Aerial yoga, however, is a little different.

In this article, we’ll take you through what aerial yoga is all about, why you should do it (including three interesting benefits), and our outfit recommendations so you look lit for your first practice.


What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is a style of yoga that involves moving through poses using a swing or hammock! Suspended safely from the ceiling, it gives you a fantastic fluidity as you move from one pose to the next.

Usually held in small classes, aerial yoga gives you the chance to explore shapes that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to achieve on the yoga mat. Furthermore, it pushes you to build and tone muscle - rather than locking your bones and relying on the hardness of the earth to support you, aerial yoga suspends you midway in the air.

Aerial yoga classes are sometimes known as anti-gravity yoga classes, and can incorporate elements of pilates, dance and even acrobatics. This is because the origins of aerial yoga begin in New York, where the style was developed by a dancer - Christopher Harrison.

You can find aerial yoga classes held around the world.


Three Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga provides many of the benefits you’d get from traditional yoga, namely improving flexibility, overall strength, and finding spiritual and mental balance. However, it also has some unique benefits that we are super interested in.

Decompress Your Spine

One of the reasons aerial yoga is also called anti-gravity yoga is that it can decompress your spine. Some yogis even recommend aerial yoga for people with spine, neck or back pain. When we workout and flex our spines during yoga, it releases some pressure. However, taking an aerial yoga class enhances that by taking any weight off your back entirely - this allows your nerves and joints to release and heal too.

If you spend long hours sitting behind a desk, aerial yoga can help you sit up straighter and feel more comfortable when holding the correct posture.

Regular sessions may decompress your entire body, releasing energy and stress.

Improve Core and Upper Body Strength

Keeping your spine straight and reaching new positions is quite the workout for your core and upper body! As we touched on in our article Embrace Your Hip Dips, working on your upper body strength can really help to balance your body shape and create an hourglass figure.

But aerial yoga isn’t just about looking good. Yogis love the fluid feeling of moving through the air and relying on body strength to reach new poses and meet fitness goals.

If you want to strengthen your core without endless crunches and twists, aerial yoga is worth trying.

Balance Practice for All Yoginis

The wonderful thing about aerial yoga is that you can partake in a class no matter where your yoga skill level is at. If you’re a complete beginner, it gives you the chance to stretch, decompress, and learn some new moves.

For more experienced yoga babes, aerial yoga changes things up and keeps your fitness routine fresh.

The benefits for your mental health, self-awareness, and spirituality are the same no matter whether you’ve spent 10,000 hours or just 1 hour practicing yoga.

Aerial yoga also challenges your balance and mindfulness, as you flip, twirl, and dip upside down. If you want to learn how to move with elegance and improve your balance back down on Earth, aerial yoga can really help you. Deep stretches are easier and yoga becomes more comfortable in every aspect.


Outfits for Aerial Yoga Class!

For your first ever aerial yoga class, we recommend wearing something close-fitting. Baggy yoga pants and cosy sweaters can get caught up in the hammock or swing. Or, even worse, they can cause fabric burns as you twist within the material.

Opt for comfortable, flexible yoga leggings. Explore our Seamless Ribbed Contour Leggings in mint blue or lilac purple, for a flattering high waist and pastel shade that oozes relaxing yoga vibes.

For a close-fitting top, you can either keep your arms covered or leave them bare - it depends on what works best for you. Regardless of the intensity of your aerial yoga class, ensuring your yoga outfit is breathable is a must. Take a look at our Twist Front Bra Top which stretches around your body like a second skin.

fitness girl, activewear outfit, aesthetic outfit, matching gym set

This bra top is also perfect for layering, so you can add the skin-tight Piped Long Sleeve Top over it for added warmth and comfort during your practice. No matter how you twist, it will keep you covered up and prevent awkward mishaps as your clothes shift!


For more style advice and fun new ways to workout, eat healthy, and stay fit, read our blog at Lazuli Label. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for instant updates on new yoga outfit collections and more.

We’d love to see you at your aerial yoga class - tag us @lazulilabel to show off your Lazuli style.