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3 Best Squat Variations for Perfect Glutes

For increasing the strength and size of your glutes, squats are one of the most popular exercises. You can do them at the gym with heavy weights, dumbbells and barbells, or you can do them at home as part of a YouTube workout video. One of the great things about squats is that you can really feel them working your glutes. It’s great motivation!

At Lazuli Label, we create lifting and flattering athleisure leggings for women that highlight all the work you have put into your glutes. You can wear our squat-proof leggings for all of our best squat variations for perfect glutes. Let’s dive in!


1. Bulgarian Split Squat

Our first squat variation is the Bulgarian split squat. To do this squat, you will need to place a bench, chair or other small platform behind you. Place one foot on this bench, still facing away. You should now have one foot pressed onto the bench and the other firmly on the floor. This position ensures that you only work on one glute at a time.

We like this variation for working on your glutes because it really does make you focus on one side at a time. If you often find that one glute burns more than the other by the end of a workout, then this is a perfect variation because you can push each side equally.

Another reason that this is a great squat variation is that it gives you much more flexibility with the weights you use. You could use your favourite dumbbells, balance a barbell on your front (see below) or back, or even just squat without weights. If you are working out at home, you could use tinned food or water bottles filled with rice or grains - a cheaper alternative to weights!


2. Front Squat

To perform a front squat, you’ll need to load up a barbell with weights that are suited to your strength level. Holding the bar across your shoulders on the front of your body (not the back of your shoulders) might feel heavy on your quadriceps, shoulders and upper back, but it has some great benefits for your glutes.

We love this front squat variation because it really pushes you to keep your head level, your chest open, and your back straight. As a result, you really rely on your glutes and thighs to push your body up and down. It is excellent for helping to develop good form and strength.

Ultimately, the front squat variation is great for your glutes, balance and overall squat form. If you are new to squats and are struggling to hold the right form, it is definitely a good variation to practise regularly.


3. Resistance Band Squat

Despite not requiring weights, this resistance band squat workout is actually quite advanced. If you try this one and struggle with it, do some regular front, back and Bulgarian split squats first - start with light weights and work your way up.

To do the resistance band squat, start by stepping into your resistance band and placing it above your knees. Part your legs a little wider than shoulder width and make sure your feet are pointing forwards and slightly outwards on a diagonal - not inwards.

Squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor, relying on your glutes to push your body back up again. The resistance band is training your legs to stay angled outwards, keeping your hips rotating externally and relying on your glutes. This forces your body to place more weight into your glutes, thus enhancing your workout.


Additional Squat Variations for Glutes!

If you want to build up a routine or are just looking for something new, then pull on your Lazuli Leggings, pair them with a cute workout top, and try these:

  • Sumo squats - take a wide stance (wider than your shoulders) with your feet angled externally. The key is to push your weight into your heels.
  • Goblet squats - requires a single dumbbell or weight alternative. You could even use a heavy hardback book. Hold it close to your chest as you squat.
  • Chair squats - great for beginners, you can place a chair behind you to guide your squat. Squat until your glutes just touch the chair but don’t place any weight on it.

Keeping your heels heavy on the ground, focusing on keeping your knees going outwards externally rather than caving inwards, and keeping your back straight will help you focus on good form.


Squat-Proof Leggings at Lazuli Label

At Lazuli Label, we have put all our legging designs through the squat test. They are comfortable, flexible, and can keep up with your squat routine without breaking a sweat. The fabric won’t become opaque as you squat and provides compression at the thighs and waist for a flattering fit.

Explore our full range of leggings and don’t forget to read more on the blog! It’s the best place to find Lazuli style guides, workout routines, healthy snack ideas, and more. You can also discover Lazuli Label inspiration via our official Instagram, Facebook and TikTok accounts.