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How to Choose the Best Fitness Leggings

We all have a set workout routine that’s totally unique and perfect for our bodies. So why should we all wear the exact same leggings? When it comes to working out, you need high-quality leggings that fit right, feel comfortable, and support you through your fitness goals - whatever you do when you hit the gym.

This guide to choosing the best fitness leggings will guide you through the important components that all leggings should have. If you are new to Lazuli Label, start by checking out all our Leggings for flattering, supportive, women-designed sports leggings.

Let’s dive in. 


What to Look for in the Best Leggings for Working Out

Use this list to figure out the features you want in your fitness leggings, then decide how many pairs you need. Whether you are working out daily or just when you have the motivation for it, having a couple of pairs of sports leggings in your wardrobe is always handy.



Flexibility is the big one! Regardless of what you are doing in your leggings, whether it’s deep squats or jogging around the park, you need leggings that are just as flexible as you are. No amount of stretching, weight lifting or running should break or damage your leggings.

This is important because flexible leggings give you the freedom to move to your full potential. The last thing you want to do is limit your reps or avoid certain yoga poses because your workout gear isn’t as flexible as you are.

Leggings should enhance your workout, not become a distraction or hindrance. This is partly why leggings are increasingly popular over joggers - they give you so much more freedom and move just like a second skin.



The security of your leggings is also important. This applies to two features: the thickness of the leggings and the tightness.

Ideally, you want leggings that are made of a high-quality material that won’t show your underwear or wear out in patches over time. This gives you the security to stop worrying about how you look and focus more on correct form and strength.

As for the tightness of the leggings, look for features such as a thick elasticated waistband, plus ribbing around the thighs. With cheap gym leggings, you often find that the elastic warps in the washing machine or gets looser and looser over time.

So, choose high-quality leggings that are made of a good material (we use a nylon, polyester and spandex blend for our V-Seam Leggings that’s totally squat-proof) that offers excellent security.



There’s no point spending a whole paycheck on designer leggings, or opting for the most high-tech pair you can find, if they aren’t comfortable! Comfort ensures that you can work out without distraction. It also keeps your motivation up if you can’t wait to slip into your leggings each day.

For comfort, you want to look for stretch (see above) as well as a blend of materials. Spandex and nylon give good stretch but can be quite firm against your skin. The addition of polyester really makes a difference. This is what creates that buttery smooth feel of Lazuli Leggings.

Thick waistbands are also preferable for comfort - they provide support and a hugging sensation, rather than digging into your flesh as you move. For extra comfort, we place the label of our leggings in the ankle rather than waistband, for a seamless look and irritation-free feel.



Getting leggings that are the right size is important. Just because the leggings can stretch to a range of body shapes and types, you still need to take the time to get the right size. The right size leggings will stop the leggings stretching too far and warping, or bunching up in unflattering places.

Our size guide at Lazuli Label is super simple. Either find your usual dress size or measure your waist and hips in inches to convert them into a legging size using our Sizing Chart.



Finally, style. Finding a flattering style matters for the best sport leggings! You have spent so long working on your body and reaching your goals, you deserve to show off your gorgeous curves and strong defined muscles in the most flattering way.

Consider the style - look at different leg lengths - as well as flattering components. For example, the V-Seam Leggings at Lazuli Label have a ribbed detail beneath the glutes for a compressing and lifting effect.

You should also think about different colour shades that you can swap around between seasons and even pair with your casual wardrobe. Explore a full range of pastel, bright and neutral shades at Lazuli Label.


Which pair of Lazuli Label leggings are your favourite? Tag us on Instagram or follow us on TikTok to join the conversation and find some new fitness inspiration. You’ll be the first to find out about the latest collections of the best fitness leggings and athleisure wear.