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How to Mix and Match a Sports Leggings and Top Set

Whether you only head to the gym once a week or are committed to daily yoga practice, you will need more than one set of sportswear clothing in your wardrobe! So, learning how to mix and match a sports leggings and top set is an important skill. In this guide, we will help you do just that with your favourite Lazuli sports leggings.

So, grab your Sculpt Seamless leggings and pull out your best sports bras, long-sleeve tops and loungewear. Let’s learn how to mix and match these items to find stylish ways to wear your activewear no matter the weather, exercise activity, or body shape.


Create a Sportswear Set

The first step is to ensure that you have a basic sports leggings and top set in your wardrobe. At the very least, you will need:

  • 1x full-length leggings in a flattering colour,
  • 1x sports shorts in a neutral shade,
  • 1x sports bra in a neutral shade,
  • 1x cropped sportswear top in a flattering or neutral shade.

With this basic wardrobe, you have leggings that you’ll always feel comfortable wearing and two top options to switch between depending on the weather. We also highly recommend adding our sportswear shorts to the mix as a basic item - keep reading to find out why.

Choosing flattering and neutral shades is important because it gives you more choice when it comes to mixing and matching. This also allows you to mix and match with other basic clothing items, like plain white t-shirts, ballet flats, high-waisted jeans, or even a blazer. Don’t be afraid to mix your activewear wardrobe with your casual wardrobe!


Long-Sleeved, Full-Length Womens Sportswear Set

The first mixing and matching you should start with involves your favourite full-length Lazuli Label Leggings. With a high-waist, buttery soft feel, and flattering shape, you know that they’ll look good however you wear them.

The classic way to wear your Lazuli is with a matching set. So, find a top in the exact same shade. This is only possible when you buy your sportswear from one place. At Lazuli, we have a great range of different tops that provide varying levels of support.

But when that top is in the laundry pile, what do you do next?

We recommend having two or three additional tops that can be mixed up to create a new sports leggings and top set. Neutral shades - black, white and grey - are a safe choice as they work with most colourful leggings. You can also find similar shades that fit together.

For example, the warm Burnt Rose, Pumpkin Orange, and Rich Brown colour leggings look great when paired with similarly warm-shaded tops. Two shades of orange, or perhaps rich brown colours mixed with burgundy, is a great match. If your skin tone works better with cool colours, sticking to different shades of grey or introducing forest greens and navy blues can work beautifully too.

Choosing long-sleeve tops also gives you more flexibility in the winter. Throw one over a sports bra, and you can always strip down a layer if the central heating at the gym is higher than expected!


Sports Bra and Shorts Set

Another great option is to create a sports bra and shorts set. This is great for hitting the gym for an intense workout or taking a jog during a heatwave. You can also mix and match here too - pair the sports bra with full-length leggings or add a long-sleeve top to your shorts for upper body coverage.

We recommend any comfortable yet supportive sports bra in your favourite colour, paired with tight workout shorts. Biker style shorts enable the best range of motion and have a super flattering fit. At Lazuli Label, our Scrunch Seamless Ribbed Contour Shorts are designed with smoothing marl fabric and ruched detail for a flattering shape. They also have a high, thick waistband for additional compression support.

Another way to mix up your sports bra and shorts set is to throw some loungewear over the top. You can pull on our cosy Heavyweight Jogger Shorts to provide more coverage as you travel to and from the gym. Or pair your contour shorts with a cosy Sweatshirt for extra warmth.

Having a mix of lightweight, heavyweight, cropped and full-length items in your sportswear wardrobe will allow you to mix and match whatever the weather.


High-Quality Sportswear at Lazuli Label

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your sportswear harmoniously matches however you mix up your sets, is to shop in one place! At Lazuli Label, we have a full collection of sportswear including our iconic shaping leggings, cropped tops, cover-ups, shorts, bras and so much more.

Find your size, browse our styles, and select your favourite colour. If you need a little extra help selecting activewear that suits your style, make sure you read our article How to Choose the Best Fitness Leggings next.

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