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Our Fave Post-Workout Snacks for Beginners

After a lit workout in your favourite Lazuli Label leggings, it’s totally normal to crave something a little sweet, carb-heavy, and all-round unhealthy! While we love to indulge from time to time, there are also times when we want to curb those cravings and choose the healthy option instead.

Enter, our fave post-workout snacks.

Suitable for beginners (whether you’re a beginner at workouts or cooking!), these snacks are filling, nutritious, and are just what your body needs after a workout.


Four Post-Workout Snacks

These post-workout snacks can be prepared in advance so you can enjoy them straight after your workout, while you’re still wearing your comfortable Lazuli active clothes.


Sweet Potato Fries

If there is ever a good time to eat carbohydrates, it is right after a workout! Sweet potato “fries” can be made in the oven, reducing the oil and fat needed to get a crisp exterior. You could also use an air fryer.

We recommend sweet potatoes after a workout because they are a complex carbohydrate and also a source of vitamins, minerals, and a little protein. They replace the glycogen you lose during the workout and ensure your muscles have the supplies they need to repair and strengthen. Furthermore, complex carbohydrates like sweet potato provide a long, slow release of energy rather than spiking your blood sugar (like a bar of chocolate might).

Ultimately, sweet potato fries can satisfy your carb craving, help you build muscle, and provide long-lasting energy so you aren’t crashing or reaching for more food a short while later.


Hummus + Whole Wheat Pitta

Our second savoury post-workout snack is hummus and whole wheat pitta.

Hummus is a simple dip made of chickpeas - a complex carb that’s particularly high in protein and fibre too. You can make hummus at home with a blender, can of chickpeas, and a handful of store cupboard ingredients like cumin, garlic powder, and tahini. Making it yourself allows you to avoid any flavourings or preservatives that might be added to store-bought hummus.

With protein and complex carbs, chickpea hummus supports your body in much the same way our fave sweet potato fries do.

Whole wheat pitta also replenishes the glycogen and fibre your muscles need to repair, so this snack is excellent if you’re looking to build some muscle or tone your body. Whole wheat bread contains much more fibre than bread made with refined grains (e.g. white bread) too.


Greek Yoghurt + Berries + Nuts

After a light cardio workout or yoga practice in a Lazuli active wear dress, you might be hungry for something a little lighter and more refined than our carb-heavy snack ideas.

For you, we recommend creating a yoghurt bowl made with Greek yoghurt and your choice of berries and nuts. Yoghurt is a good source of protein and carbs, along with fat (but you can choose a low-fat yoghurt if that’s a concern) and calcium.

Greek yoghurt in particular is traditionally unsweetened, lower in carbs than standard yoghurt, and is also a good source of live cultures which are great for digestion. Whey protein, which is present in yoghurt and milk dairy products, is awesome for supporting your muscles too.

Choose flavourful fruits, like raspberries or kiwi slices, so you can flavour your yoghurt with just a small amount of fruit and avoid consuming too much sugar. The same goes for nuts - add some crunch, but don’t go overboard.

You could try flax seeds with your yoghurt bowl instead, if you want to add extra protein for muscle toning. 



Our final favourite post-workout snack is popcorn. It’s filling, fun, and can be customised to suit whatever you are in the mood for. Craving savoury and spicy? Try a drizzle of wasabi. In the mood for sweet and sticky? Agave syrup is perfect!

Popcorn is high in carbohydrates, but overall pretty lacking in nutrition. That’s why it’s comfortably low calorie. You don’t need to feel bad about consuming an entire bowl of popcorn! Just make sure that you prepare it yourself, so you can monitor how much salt, sugar or flavour you add to it.

We also love that popcorn is so lightweight and transportable. In a tupperware pot or ziplock freezer bag, you can make your popcorn snack in the morning and take it with you to the gym. You could even take it with you on a run or jog - it’s not going to weigh you down.


If you want a good reason to take your workout to the next level and enjoy these tasty post-workout snacks, check out our full range of supportive, flattering active gym wear at Lazuli Label. Choose some new leggings or a workout top to motivate your fitness journey.

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