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Flattering Gym Leggings - Buying Guide

Finding flattering gym leggings is a must for any woman. They highlight your curves in all the right areas and help you feel comfortable in your skin as you work out at the gym, park or just at home. So, here at Lazuli Label, we have drawn on our experience as creators of flattering gym leggings to deliver this simple buying guide!

From choosing the right length to ensuring your leggings are made of high-quality materials, there are several factors you should consider to make sure that you are purchasing the most flattering athletic leggings possible.


Full Length, Cropped, Shorts

Your first decision when choosing flattering gym leggings is the length of the legs. Full-length tends to be the most flattering for most body shapes (and you don’t need to worry if you forget to shave your legs). Cropped lengths that show off your ankles can also be a very flattering fit.

Unlike cropped straight-leg jeans or other wide-legged trousers, cropped leggings are skin-tight which produces a tapered look. This tends to have a lengthening effect and is ideal for gymgoers with naturally short legs.

Finally, shorts. The biker short trend has made something of a comeback in recent years. As we explored in our article The Best Black Gym Leggings for Women, legging-style shorts with an oversized t-shirt are the epitome of Princess Diana cool. We find that shorts tend to be most flattering when you have toned thighs and calves - with minimal fabric, you have minimal compression and support. Of course, that could turn out to be excellent motivation to never skip leg day!

While you are measuring your legs to figure out the perfect length, we also recommend measuring your waist and thighs. This will help you select the right size of leggings when it comes to purchasing some - getting the wrong size can look super unflattering.

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Leg-Hugging Materials

At Lazuli Label, we firmly believe that the best athletic leggings should be made of premium materials. It’s not just about comfort and flexibility (although these are very important factors you should consider when selecting leggings) but also fit.

Our best-selling Sculpt Seamless Shapewear Leggings are made from buttery soft marl fabric which has a smoothing effect. It won’t wrinkle or create unsightly bulges, and we have created built-in shapes such as the v-seam at the back - there’s also no seam at the crotch, to keep the fabric smooth and flattering.

Leggings that truly hug your legs from ankle to thigh allow you to show off your natural shape and toned legs. High-quality materials will also hold their shape despite being washed, stretched and pushed to the limits as you work out. No warping, fraying or fading over time!

Finding a pair of flattering gym leggings can be quite a task before you find Lazuli Label, so ensuring that your leggings are long-lasting is key to finding flattering gym wear that you can rely on.


High-Waisted, Light Compression

Whether you are jogging, in spin class, or crunching your abs, there’s going to be a lot of movement going on. Twisting, flexing and contracting your body means that your leggings need to provide excellent support to remain flattering the entire time.

You can achieve this by selecting high-waisted gym leggings. A high waist prevents the leggings from bunching up, falling down, and getting twisted as you move your body. Leggings that need to be tugged back into place every 5 minutes are the opposite of flattering!

High-waisted gym leggings also have another advantage. The thick waistband of Lazuli Label leggings is slightly compressing, to enhance an hourglass shape and help you feel confident and secure.

We have also added some ribbed detail on the thigh area of the leggings, to add a little compression here too. This provides a lifting effect for your glutes too, enhancing your shape and flattering your curves.


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Lazuli Label Flattering Gym Leggings

Your final consideration when purchasing flattering gym leggings is your personal style. Gym leggings come in so many different colours so choosing a shade that matches your complexion is a great way to enhance the flattering effect.

At Lazuli Label, you can also find matching fitted workout tops that have just the right waist to match our high-waisted leggings. We have both long-sleeved and sports-bra style tops so you can choose a style that is flattering and comfortable for you.

To recap, the most flattering gym leggings are: the right length for your body, made from smoothing fabric, are high-quality and supportive, flattering at the waist and thigh with compression, and in the right shade to flatter your complexion and complement your wardrobe.

If you need a little style inspiration before deciding which Lazuli Label leggings you wish to purchase, make sure you follow us on social! We share style inspiration, collection updates, and more on our Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.