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The Best Black Gym Leggings for Women

Black gym leggings are slimming, hide sweat, and can look effortlessly sleek. But only if you pick a stylish pair! This article will guide you through how to pick black sport leggings and explore black gym shorts for women too.

Whether you are running, weight-lifting, or hitting the Pilates studio, black gym leggings can become a staple of your activewear wardrobe. At Lazuli Label, we have a range of black, charcoal grey and soft grey shades that are perfect for flattering all body shapes and sizes.

Explore our entire range of gym leggings and don’t forget to pick a few matching tops to go with them.


Why Choose Black Gym Wear?

There are several great advantages to choosing black gym wear:

  • Has an extra slimming effect, above the usual flattering and supportive shape that Lazuli leggings were designed to create.
  • Hides water stains, whether it’s sweat, rainwater that has splashed from puddles, or just some spilt electrolyte water.
  • Easy to wash - just put them in the washing machine with similar colours. It doesn’t matter if a red sock sneaks into the mix, it won’t alter the inky black colour of your leggings.
  • Hides underwear lines and shouldn’t go see-through when you squat. This is true of all Lazuli leggings, but not always when it comes to other brands. That’s why black is considered a safe bet across the board.
  • Very easy to style!

Styling black gym leggings for women is very simple. Going all-black is a great choice but you can also play around with any colours you like. Once you have a pair of black gym leggings in your wardrobe, you can mix and match them with pretty much anything, including new collection releases at Lazuli Label.


Styling Black Sport Leggings

If you need a little inspiration to help you visualise how our black gym leggings will look, here are three outfits you can create with Lazuli Label activewear.

All-Black Gym Wear

With sleek, almost professional vibes, wearing all-black to the gym doesn’t give you that goth look. In fact, it’s pretty suave! Throw on your black gym leggings, add a simple black sports bra, and layer up as needed.

Depending on the weather (and/or gym anxiety), you might want to layer up with black long-sleeve gym tops, like our Nola Open Back Long Sleeve Top. You could also add a simple black T-shirt or sweater if you are exercising outside or travelling to and from the gym.

Outside, black tends to fly under the radar. So, if you’re feeling a little self-conscious in your gym wear but are desperate to head into Starbucks, all-black gym wear helps you to keep a low profile.

Baggy T-Shirt and Sneakers

Adding a baggy white T-shirt or jumper to your skin-tight gym leggings or gym shorts (see below) always evokes memories of Princess Diana’s iconic gym outfits. This combination shows off your toned legs while keeping your top half covered until you can reach the gym.

A crisp white T-shirt with a black sports bra beneath it is a super stylish choice. You could also opt for a colourful T-shirt if you want some extra coverage that doesn’t show what you’re wearing beneath.

Of course, pair your Scrunch Seamless Ribbed Contour Leggings and your T-shirt with a comfortable yet practical pair of sneakers. Thick white trainers are a good contrast, or you could wear matching black trainers instead. As a bonus, black trainers tend to hide dirt and won’t need cleaning as often as your white shoes!

Colourful Sports Bra

Finally, if you’d like to spend more time working on your body and less time worrying about how you look, there is a simple solution. Buy a couple of pairs of Lazuli black or grey leggings (see our V-Seam Leggings in Cloud Grey) and an assortment of sports bras.

Any colour will create a nice contrast with your black leggings. Choose a colour that catches your eye or simply one that flatters your skin tone. Order a bunch of tops and a couple of pairs of leggings so you can work out a few times a week without doing endless laundry.

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Swap Leggings for Black Athletic Shorts!

Our latest collection at Lazuli Label featured a new design - black gym shorts. Available in charcoal grey and a range of other muted colours, these Scrunch Seamless Ribbed Contour Shorts are super flattering and a great alternative to black gym leggings.

The ribbing on the upper thigh area is the same as our classic Scrunch Seamless leggings, providing contouring and a lifting effect for your glutes. The high-waistband is also a Lazuli Label staple, to provide flattering compression without limiting your natural range of motion.

Grey and black marl fabric has a smoothing effect, giving your thighs a flattering shape while showing off your toned calves. It feels buttery soft against your skin and won’t ride up while you are in the midst of a workout!


Shop Black Gym Shorts and More at Lazuli Label

For all your black gym wear, we have leggings, tops, bras and shorts here at Lazuli Label. All our athleisure wear is designed by women, for women. Comfort and functionality are combined, so you can feel good, look stylish, and work out without worry.

If you want to be the first to know about the latest collection releases at Lazuli Label, follow us on Instagram or TikTok and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list too.