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Embrace Your Hip Dips

Curves come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes large and vivacious, sometimes small and slender… and sometimes, not quite in the shape you’re expecting. Enter, hip dips. These “dips” in your body don’t quite conform to the beauty standards of today. As a result, you can find endless videos of exercises showing you how to fix hip dips.

But can they be fixed? And should we even try?

Our answer: no! At Lazuli Label, we’re all about helping you achieve the body of your dreams (and looking lit while getting there) but we also want to celebrate our natural shapes. Hip dips included.


What Are Hip Dips?

Hip dips are inward curves that appear on either side of your body, below your hip bones and above your thighs. Not everyone has hip dips and they can be more or less pronounced on different body shapes.

You might also have seen them called violin hips or hip dents.

Not only are they totally natural, but they can be present on anyone - regardless of weight, fat or muscle distribution. We’ll explain why below.

So, while the perfect curves of the Kardashians and countless Instagram influencers are unmistakably beautiful, it’s not an attainable body shape for everyone (not without careful posing, of course).

And that can lead to some problems. When our bodies aren’t as picture-perfect as the beautiful influencers we admire so much, it can feel disheartening to say the least. This is where body positivity comes in. Embrace your hip dips!

Numerous body positive influencers, and even just ordinary folk across the internet, are telling us to love our hip dips for what they are - a totally natural, curvy, and downright sexy part of the female anatomy.

You don’t need to have a perfect curve from your hip to your thigh to be a model either - go take a closer look at any of Bella Hadid’s photoshoots if you don’t believe us. The same goes for workout instructors, like Maddie from MADFIT.


Why You Can’t Get Rid of Hip Dips

Hip dips are caused by the shape of your pelvis. It’s not something you can reduce by losing weight, gaining weight, or working out - believe me, we’ve seen so many people try.

When your pelvis sits higher up in your frame, or you have a wide pelvis, this widens the gap between your hip bone and your femur - the two points that create your gorgeous curves. When that gap widens, your body dips in-between, creating the dreaded hip dip.

That’s all there is to it. Whether your pelvis is low or high, wide or slender, it’s totally normal and not something that you can change unless you want to resort to expensive surgery or Botox-like fillers.


Hip Dips Workout

Generally, a specific workout or set of exercises won’t fix your hip dips. You cannot change your bone structure, after all. Nonetheless, it is your body, and if you’re feeling unhappy with how you look then we firmly believe that you have the power to change that!

Embrace your hip dips and learn to love them. Focusing on the hip and butt area, using these exercises, can boost your confidence:

  • Squats - any variation that you enjoy,
  • Lunges - they improve your coordination and balance too,
  • Side leg lifts - add a resistance band to take it up a level,
  • Glute bridges - great for lower body strength.

Working on your Glutes can balance out your shape, especially when you look at your silhouette from behind. You can also try working on your hips, lower abs and lower back to reduce any love handles. But bear in mind that some people find that building extra muscle in this area can accentuate the hip dip shape.


Activewear to Help You Embrace Your Shape

If you don’t feel good in your gym fit, your body isn’t the problem. At Lazuli, we believe that every woman should feel confident in her gym clothes - that means finding flattering, comfortable activewear that’s made of high-quality materials.

It doesn’t matter if you’re coaching, working on definition, or just getting your motivation back for training after a long break. You deserve to feel positive about your body!

However your curves flow and move, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for something that supports your shape in all the right places, take a look at the Sculpt Seamless Leggings with ribbed detail around the upper thigh and waistband to accentuate curves.

If you want to feel comfortable as you work on embracing your hip dips, you can’t go wrong with Celeste Tie Dye Leggings. They’re lightweight and perfect for transitioning from your workout, to warm-down yoga, to healing meditation.

And don’t panic if you’re not ready to reveal your hip dips yet. Try our Essential Heavyweight Jogger Shorts to loosely cover your hips and butt, giving you plenty of space to workout or just chill in our cosy athleisure clothing.

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We hope that you’re feeling more confident in your body after reading this article. Don’t forget, you can follow us on Instagram for style inspiration and Lazuli Label updates!