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How to Wear Soft Grey Gym Leggings

Grey leggings are a best-selling colour here at Lazuli Label! But unlike our simple white or black leggings, they aren’t so easy to style with other colours for a flattering outfit. So, we are creating this guide to help you create a grey gym set that looks as stunning as it feels.

With our soft grey materials, all our leggings hug your muscles and define your curves like a second skin. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking a yoga class, hitting the gym, or just don’t feel like squeezing into jeans, our leggings can do it all.

Discover five outfit ideas for inspiration below.


Five Grey Sport Leggings Outfits

Styling grey leggings is an art. Whether you love your Lazuli Tie Dye Leggings or can’t wait to take your new Scrunch Seamless Ribbed Contour Leggings out for a spin class, these five outfit ideas will help you wear them like an activewear model.

The Grey Gym Set

Grey on grey is the easiest way to wear our grey leggings and look sublime. The key when wearing a grey top with our grey leggings is to ensure that your outfit remains flattering for your figure.

We recommend pairing high-waisted grey sports leggings with a cropped grey jogger top or sweater. This highlights your narrow waist and is practical too - add a sports bra beneath your top (black, white or grey in colour) so you can strip back to get your sweat on at the gym.

Try the Fitted Cropped Zip Hoodie in light grey.

Either find a grey top that perfectly matches your leggings, or go for a contrasting grey - light grey leggings, dark grey top. If your set is not quite the same grey, but quite close nonetheless, it can really stand out in a bad way.

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The Casual Outfit

We love seeing our Lazuli leggings worn for all occasions. On your way out of the gym, try adding a simple white t-shirt and light denim jacket to your grey leggings for casual vibes.

Keep the white sneakers looking clean and fresh, or swap them for black ankle boots if you want to add a little more chic to your look. Both footwear options look good with our full-length grey leggings.

Track shoes are predicted to be a big footwear trend in 2023, so get ready to wear our grey leggings with shoes from ASICS or Salomon. White sneakers look best, but you can also use neutral grey leggings to draw attention to brightly coloured footwear too.

Layering Grey Workout Leggings

Speaking of fashion trends, our Black Midi Vest Dress continues to look stunning at the gym, but if it’s too cold to expose your legs this winter then adding a pair of grey workout leggings beneath the dress is an easy and stylish fix.

Pairing soft grey leggings with a black dress - and often killer heels - is a firm classic for your smart-casual wardrobe but we think it looks great for your workout wardrobe too.

Similarly, you could swap out the black dress for a black blazer instead for a more formal chic look. Alternatively, a chunky black cardigan or trench coat could also be used to create an outfit with your grey gym leggings.

Monochrome Outfit

Grey on grey is a great look, but you can shake things up while still keeping those neutral vibes. Taking a leaf from our article Must-Have Neutrals for Your Wardrobe, we recommend trying a simple white top with your grey leggings.

Our Long Sleeve Binding Detail Crop Top in white is soft, stretchy and has ballerina vibes. Or, you could try the simple Racer Vest Top in cream (it’s slightly warmer in colour than the white long sleeve top) which allows more freedom of movement and support.

Depending on your skin tone, adding warmer colours to neutral grey like a cinnamon brown can be really flattering too.

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Mixing Colours with Grey

As neutral as grey is, it doesn’t pair perfectly with every colour. Keeping it monochrome is a safe bet, but if you want to add a little colour to your activewear wardrobe we recommend a baby blue or a dusty pink.

For example, try wearing your Lazuli grey gym leggings with the Barbie Pink Halter Neck Top for a little extra femininity. The high ponytail is a must!

Lavender, teal, and navy blue can also be paired well with grey, especially if they have grey undertones in each shade. Yellow, on the other hand, can be hit and miss. A sunny, mellow yellow can contrast nicely with grey leggings… or it can clash horrifically. Our advice? Stick with our fan-favourite pink instead.


We hope that this style guide has helped you! If you need a new pair of grey leggings, don’t hesitate to check out our full range of sculpting, high-quality leggings at Lazuli Label. You can find more style inspiration on the Lazuli Label blog, or follow us on Instagram to see outfit ideas, new collections, and more in your feed.